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Photo by Juliet Dupont. Dr. Mary Landry at the University Health Services Women’s Health Clinic holds a pelvic model used in IUD insertion training sessions.


What is the University Health Services Women’s Health Clinic for?

“We’re here if someone has a worry or concern regarding a sexually transmitted infection.

We’re here for women who have been sexually assaulted.

We’re here if someone’s in severe pain,” University Health Services gynecologist Mary Landry said.

All these things we see as something that makes it difficult for someone to focus on their academic goals when they’re worried about their health or reproductive health.”

What is a gynecology appointment at University Health Services like?


UHS Contraception by Effectiveness

Click on the image below to view an infographic about how effective different birth control methods UHS offers are.

View source information via hyperlinks on the graphic.
View source information via hyperlinks on the graphic.


University Health Services increases access to IUDs

By Juliet Dupont


University Health Services works to meet growing demand for IUDs.

According to UHS Women’s Health Clinic gynecologist Dr. Mary Landry, UHS has over doubled the number of IUD insertions in the last five years.

The Women’s Health Clinic has been training additional providers to insert IUDs and meet growing demand for the contraceptive devices. While no medication is free at UHS, UHS physicians such as Landry are making it as easy as possible to access contraceptives at no cost.

Dr. Landry: “Any of the procedures that we do for these long-acting reversible contraceptive options is all paid for by your seg fees. We just need to figure out insurance or connect students with free programs to pay for the actual devices.”

The majority of University of Wisconsin-Madison students have health insurance, and the Affordable Care Act federal mandate requires insurance companies to cover contraceptives at zero-cost to patients, Landry says.

According to Landry, UHS has partnered with local pharmacy UW Health to help students understand their insurance or access a free or low-cost program to pay for an IUD.

Dr. Landry: “So it’s been a huge collaborative effort promoted, pushed, supported, advocated for by myself and the Women’s Health providers so that we responded to the increased interest and need of students.”

Students can access contraceptives and additional resources by visiting UHS in person or consulting with a UHS medical professional over the phone during a Telehealth appointment.

To make an appointment at the University Health Services Women’s Clinic or to learn more about IUDs, go to


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