Student Organizations

Photo by Juliet Dupont. Student Alliance for Reproductive Justice members hand out free Planned Parenthood condoms at State Street Brats on Oct. 18, 2018.


Reproductive Healthcare by the Group

  • University Health Services

    • Official university medical institution
    • Keep the whole student healthy and enable them to meet their academic goals
  • Student Alliance for Reproductive Justice

    • Affiliated with Planned Parenthood
    • Pro-choice
  • Students for Life of Madison

    • Respect and advocate for all forms of life
    • Pro-life
  • College Democrats of UW-Madison

    • Expand access to proper healthcare for all Americans
  • College Republicans of UW-Madison

    • Privatize reproductive healthcare to keep taxpayers from funding initiatives they disagree with

Read more about how each group approaches current and future access to reproductive healthcare on the home page.


What is it like to be pro-life at the University of Wisconsin-Madison?


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